ДСЛ with capacity of 100 m3/h (with the classifier 1КСН-12х80)

This setting is based on ДСУ-90, but with the difference that the finished products (gravel) get washed of clay and impurities. On your screening aggregate ГДСМС-53 (ГИС-53) the washing unit consisting of a system of pipes and nozzles equally spaced above the upper tier screening is installed.

The fraction 0 ÷ 5 after dropping out from the bottom of the screen via the pipeline reaches the spiral classifier 1 КСН-12х80, where the final separation of the fraction 0 ÷ 5 mm (sand) is made.

The installation includes:

PositionNameQuantity, pcs.
1 Plate feeder ППДМ-16 (ТК-16) 1
2 Primary crushing aggregate with the jaw crusher ЩДЗМ-6х9 (СМД-110) 1
3 Secondary crushing aggregate with the jaw crusher ЩДЗМ-2,5х9 (СМД-108) – 2 pieces. 1
4 Aggregate of fine crushing with the cone crusher КСДЗМ-900Гр (КСД-900) 1
5 Screening aggregate with screener ГДСМС-52 (ГИС-52) 1
6 Screening aggregate with screener ГДСМС-53 (ГИС-53) 1
7 Spiral classifier 1КСН-12х8 1
8 The conveyor belt КЛДМ (B=800mm, L=20m) 1
9 The conveyor belt КЛДМ (B=650mm, L=20m) 1
10 The conveyor belt КЛДМ (B=650mm, L=15m) 8
11 Control aggregate У7810.4А 1
  • Features
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  • Installation performance, m3/h 90-100
    Maximum size of pieces for feeder, mm 500
    Tensile strength of crushed material, MPa 300
    Hopper capacity of the feeder m3 20
    Fractions of the final product, mm 0-5; 5-10; 10-20; 20-40
    Total electrical capacity of the line equipment:, kW 350
    Size of the site for installation of the line (width x length), m 48х58,4
    The height of the ramp, minimum , m 3,4
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